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Volkwagen Camper Vans

Volkwagen camper vans are immensely popular very much over and above any other manufacturers offerings. There is a very loyal following amongst owners of VW camper vans.

The original aircooled camper vans, the Type 2 T1, T2 and T3 are highly sought after. The T3 became water-cooled in 1984.

In 1990 saw the introduction of the T4 and in 2003 the T5. For a history lesson, see wikipedia here.

With the huge number of campsites in the south west, we see huge numbers of campers and motorhomes around the area all year round. Owners of camper vans and motorhomes are well served in the Torquay area. We mostly see VW Transporter T4 and T5s.

Volkswagen T4 and T5s are modern reliable vehicles and are therefore favoured for long journeys. We have our own T4 and are blessed living here with the whole of Devon, Cornwall, Someset and Dorset on our door step. Though we do venture up country for classic motorcycle events.

There's a huge variety of VW T4 and T5 accessories and parts available to customise and personalise your camper van. Ours is most certainly an ongoing project! New photos coming soon.

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